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Original Pastels

The 250 pastels in this collection can be viewed starting on this page: Gallery The originals are for sale and are priced individually. They are supplied framed for their protection and cannot be shipped abroad framed.

Most measure around 50x35cm (approx 65x50cm when framed) and are priced at around £750, with some over £1000.

Some of the originals are smaller and their prices start at £500. These measure around 55x45cm when framed. Click here to see which of the originals are smaller.

Please see the prints page to view the current framing options. The larger originals fit in the frames for large prints, and the smaller originals in the frames for medium prints.

Payment by cleared cheque in pounds sterling or BACS is accepted. If you are interested in acquiring an original please e-mail for the price or for further information.


Pastels are made from pigment ground into a paste, then rolled into sticks with a small amount of binder. It is the most permanent in colour of all media, having no liquid binder that causes other media to darken, fade, yellow, crack or blister with time.

Pastels are a versatile dry painting medium that can be blended or applied with visible strokes with the texture of the paper showing through.

Pastels were used as far back as the Renaissance and first gained prominence in the eighteenth century, when they were used by Impressionists such as Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt.

close-up of a
pastel painting

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